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Champlain Family
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time Flies...

They say time flies when you're having fun-- who knew it would fly when you're also doing nothing! The past 3 weeks have been pretty dull... back to 8-4 work! Ugh! It's not bad but I'm now going to the gym for 6AM! I haven't seen the '5' on my clock in a long time, but it feels good to be up and working out again! The $50 a month is pretty motivating to go too! The only problem is that I'm in bed at 10pm!!!

Ok, On to the fun stuff:

My boring life if getting UNBORING!

This weekend I'm off to the ol' Uni town for J's birthday party and the Sex and the City premiere and the pre/ after


Should be loads of fun!

Then NEXT Wednesday I'm off to Graduate back in Ptown and then that weekend I'm going to the GTA for two Grad parties with my amazing school friends!

I really need to get a cute grad dress, but I think I might be looking at wearing a dress I already own-- how boring! What should I wear???

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A crazy little thing called work...

On Monday I officially started my job as a Research Assistant at the Hospital. It's a drug study on the effects of a certain drug on kidneys... pretty cool! It's only a contract that goes until the beginning of September, but it's good, it's a job and I am making money. I did, however, in the process of getting/ starting this job forget how hard it was to wake at 6am when I'm still going to bed far later than I really should be! eek! Oh well, I must turn back into my nerdy self and start going to bed early (and reading loads of books!)

Unfortunately, I decided to write this at 10pm which is late (wow, I am old!!!) and I must get to sleep within the next 2 hours... but I wanted to let the world know I'm still here and will write soon.
Have hilarious/ awkward stories from the weekend past which I feel I must share!

Until then,