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Champlain Family
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shopping, again.

I think I have an addiction to shopping! This weekend was suppose to be full of cleaning and laundry and all those fun things I hate doing during the week but instead, I went out in the freeing snow-rain to go shopping! It was sooo chilly and I wore flats... foolish (but stylish!) and had my cute (but broken) leopard print umbrella in hand...

After 3 hours, I purchased a great coat for.... well, for no occasion really. It's not warm (it's actually quite deceivingly chilly), but it's super super cute with a great neckline that can fold up or down, fun buttons and a belt!! I couldn't pass it up. It's sad that the majority of my regrets in life are based on pieces I didn't buy!!

Secondly I picked up a great dress by ONLY called the "Mad Party Dress". It's got a sweetheart neckline with a zipper up the front in black almost sweatpant like material. Comfy and cute. I Love it.

It may not seem like a lot, but I neglected to write about the other stuff I bought last week! A cute black skirt, a few tops, summer dresses (I couldn't resist!)... opps!

I may be poor, but I'll be stylish!

Yours in super cute new clothes,

**pictures come soon!