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Champlain Family
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Forgot!

I meant to post more today, but I forgot I had plans to go out tonight for drinks after work at a patio downtown! (the pic is actually the patio IN MARCH, I can't find a picture of the patio now anywhere!! -- there is no snow, I promise!) ahhh.. I do love the summer! -- Promise more fun things tomorrow :)

I will leave you with Van Morrison:

How can you not love him?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm going to need you help on this one!

I need a new hairstyle! HELP!

If you scroll down a bit, you'll notice I recently added some blond highlights to my hair for the summer. Now I'm in dire need to get it styled. Right now it's looking pretty blah. It's like Nicole Richie circa the first season of the Simple Life, and I'm thinking I want more Nicole now-ish style.

Let's play a game, shall we...

Spot the old style Nicole:

So now I need you help!! Any suggestions? Cut, Colour, length

I'll post more in a bit... I have to go downstairs for the 9th fire alarm in 2 weeks!!!!!!!

These are a few of my favourite things...

I think I need to make a new section dedicated to my favourite shows! I have a "top 10" list that is a mile long, and I always want to share my latest finds with the world. That will have to come later though, because I had a conversation at work today about all these shows from the past and I need to share them as well!

Remember TGIF on ABC? Or the Saturday Morning shows?

Teen Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, One World, Sister, Sister, Brotherly Love (As Joey would say, WOAH!) , Two of a Kind.. the list goes on... I loved those shows!

Apparently if you have a twin, you too, can have your own TV show!:

How can you forget this theme song?

YEARS of acting and they still can't! Go figure...

What were your favourite shows at a kid??

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Not enough people know about this show and I’m afraid it’s going to have Arrested Development syndrome (you know, it’s gets HUGE once it’s cancelled!) I don’t want to talk it up too much, but it’s hilarious. It’s not that easy to find online and it’s nearly impossible to find on TV in Canada (try Showcase) but if you can find it—watch it! The DVD's are readily available at most DVD stores for about $20 (and that's 2 seasons)

Check out the vid below!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Place to Get Your Horoscope

MIX 106.5 is a radio station out of Sydney, Australia... they have the BEST Horoscopes AND they do Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!

Check them out HERE and report back... are yours as accurate as mine???

Your Summer Jam-- Part 2

Let's go to sleep in Paris,
And wake up in Tokyo.
Have a dream in New Orleans,
Fall in love in Chicago

Lupe Fiasco is great! I love him, do you?


As you can probably imagine, I spend hours searching for shoes. The have to look good, feel right and be in my sorta kinda price range... it takes me ages to find ones that I love! I generally work like this is all aspects of my life. It takes me a long time to pick clothes for the day, find jobs that I find interesting, even pick a restaurant! But sometimes, you just stumble upon something that's so good, you can't help but instantly like it. That's called an instant, and it happened to me while watching OLN!

My latest instant is an amazing TV show on OLN. It's called Departures and it follows two hilarious Canadian boys, Scott and Justin, and their camera man, Andre (you can't forget about him!) on their year long adventure around the world. They stop in places like Japan, New Zealand & the Ascension Island where they take in the nature, surrounds and culture that each places has to offer. They also do lots of wild things, as you can imagine 20- something boys would do! (You'll have to watch to see those) There are many memorable moments from the New Zealand leg of the adventure-- Christmas in the mountains (SNOW!), skydiving (the views were unreal to see on the TV!) (see the picture above... I borrowed it from the facebook group, aptly named Departures ). The Ascension islands had them hurling themselves down the side of mountains and throwing paint on a rock (I guess they are never going back?!). Japan had them filing the gas car with diesel ("did you smell it?"). Their other stops in Jordan, India, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia and the Cook Islands showed the viewers how different our very small world is.

This show comes highly recommend, so watch it if you are able to get OLN (Tivo it, tape it-- do people still use tapes?). Like a good pair of shoes, a good TV show is hard to come by! So what are you waiting for? GO WATCH Departures!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Because...

I was watching Clueless (duh) and they made reference to "Marky Mark and his pants dropping"... So, here's Marky Mark in all of his pants dropping glory. Enjoy.

Filed under "Just Because..." because I don't need a reason to post this :)


Check the FIND IT FASHION section to find out what the latest colour is!

Summer Colour

I pretend to be daring when it comes to my hair, but last summer I got blunt bangs and cried because I thought they were "too short". I'm a sissy, I know! This summer I wanted some blond highlights. I've had them before... I got them in November before I went to Australia so I didn't look like I came out of the Northern-ly Canadaland (I still did.. my pale skin and all!) but it was a nice look for the beach! Unfortunately for me, my bank account doesn't enable me to spend $70-$90 on highlights at the salon, so I decided to get the home kit (which was on sale for $4 at the drug store). I suspect I should have been scared about the price, but oh well! So last night I got my friend Che to do it and it looks great! Subtle and what I wanted!

Next step: Hair cut... what do I get done?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Opps.. I didn't do it

It's a well known fact that I despise my laptop. It's stupid, and if I wasn't afraid of being without the Internet, it would have been on the cement a long time ago!

Yesterday, it broke. Well one of the buttons broke, but I am considering it dead! That means time for a newwww one! My much loved MACBOOK is closer that I thought. YAY! Must start saving for that...

wish me luck!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your Summer Jam -- Kanye West Edition

With all this updating, writing and editing, I needed a sweet, upbeat song to put on repeat!!(Yes, I do that)

If you haven't heard it, take a listen!

Do you have a song for the summer of 2008?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Other Pretty Things has a new look... what do you think? Suggestions? Comments?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In My Life...

This is one of my favourite songs...

What do you think? Do you have the same affinity of the Beatles as I do?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Shirt Dress

Tonight I am attending a "business casual" Journal Club at a local restaurant for work. I haven't had the opportunity to attend one of these yet, but it involves a delicious dinner and talks (and I could use some more information about the renal function!) I am using this as an opportunity to debut my shirt dress! It's super a super cute browny-green with a gorgeous belt I picked up on major sale last year at Club Monaco!

Eeek, more on how that goes. I have to be there in 30 mins!

Yours in a delicious (free) dinner,


* note, the image is sorta, kinda, but not really like the dress I wore. But it IS a shirt dress and until I get one of mine.. it's going to have to stay :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who knew shoes could be so difficult!

I spent Sunday on the search for the perfect pair of shoes that would go with everything I own. Glorious beige-y tan heels (similar to the ones above) that I could wear with all colours or neutrals without taking attention away from the outfit. You know what I found? One (ONE!) pair of GORGEOUS heels that were like 3 inches high. Everything I was looking for in a shoes, except for the fact they made me super tall, and I'm not sure I could spend over 8 hours a day standing in them without toppling over. Other than those, I found nothing. Not a single other pair that I liked. I would usually say, "can you believe that?" but in this case. I can! I am sooo picky about shoes... but I can't help it!

Now here's my question for you: have you found my work approporiate (closed toe) beige heels??

* For anyone who has $700+ just laying around and wants to buy me a gift.. may I suggest these:

A girl can wish... :)