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Champlain Family
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

It's officially summer! I am not one for the hot, hot heat, but I do love summer clothes and all things brightly coloured. I am actually a hippie (minus the dirty; I shower like 2 times a day haha) and love the hippie style! So, all this summer talk brings me to summer styles and more importantly, the Maxi Dress! Hate the name, love the look!

In February (yes, middle of the winter) I bought a Maxi Dress... It's from an African Collection (I think it was called that anyway, they were all over the leopard, zebra, etc prints for a short time) and I loved it. It wasn't until recently that I began to like long dresses. I was nearly anti-long dress because, done wrong, the can be horrendous. Pair it with the wrong shoes and ... well, lets not even go there. Anyway, after about 3 weeks of non-stop rain in this city, I am very excited for Tuesday because A) it's a LONG weekend! (sort of, I have to go to work on Monday) and B) I get to wear my dress!! YAY!

I am excited for dress season. I am excited for the beach. I am excited for the Summer!

Ok, must go, making cookies!!
Yours in gladiator sandals (oh yes, it IS summer),


Monday, June 23, 2008

What are we without our friends?

I have been home now for about 2 months now. Not that I'm counting or anything, but the time keeps going by and I've realized that there are a vast number of people I have yet to make the effort to see. I always say there is no one here to hang out with, but there is-- they are around, but I don't seem to be. It's very strange and it's something I'm going to make a huge effort to change.

I spent the last 4 years basically attached to some of the most wonderful people I have ever met at school. I met the majority of them during the first few days to the first few months and we have been friends ever since. I can't even imagine how my university experience would have been without them. All of them; in their different groups and their different places. People came and people went, but the core stayed friends and that couldn't have made me happier.
I think about this as I sit on my bed typing. I admittedly wanted to be done school. There were so many times where I was "done" with the city I was living in and the fact there didn't seem to be an escape dove me insane, at times. Now that I'm actually done. I'm happy to move on, but sad to leave the people... I'm a little sad to leave the city (but don't tell anyone that!)

So, I now begin the count down to Australia. 5 1/2 months. It seems so far away, but if the last 4 years means anything, it will fly by. I'm looking forward to it. New places, new faces, the beach (!!!!), and I am actually excited to go back to school. I'm sort of lost without it and I'm not sure this whole "working" thing is really for me... I just have to make it to December and I'm made in the hot Australian sun. Oh la la. I've been looking into Master's programs over there too... I might be in school forever at this rate!

I get to get a new place, find new restraunts (I wonder if there will be a good Southern style place for me?), new pubs, new bars, new people... it's a very exciting. In the mean time I have to shell out thousands to my Uni of choice, so that means lots of 40 hours weeks and not much time off-- but thats ok!! I'm far too excited!

Ok, keeping with shoes and clothes, I bought the cutest shoes the other day "shelley London" shoes, $10 a pair on HUGE sale, so naturally I bought 4. I have no place for them and my poor suitcase is not going to be able to handle all of it... but I couldn't pass them up. As for money, I need to lose my debit/ credit cards so as to not buy anything else. I don't need anything (except that MacBook that I'm going to buy....) hahaha opps. Oh well! Must start saving... I use to be so good at it!!

I must get going,
Yours in many many shoes,


Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Best 4 Years...

Yesterday I officially graduated from (as a fellow blogger/ friend would say) Hippie U! The years had their ups and down but as a whole, they were the best years of my life. Amazing Friends. Amazing Campus. A town that eventually grows on you... I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

On to yesterday... Commencement at Hippie U is outside. Now everyone says "what? outside" but if you have seen my campus, you wouldn't want it anywhere else! It's truly picture-esque! When we arrived (after a good breaky at Timmy's) it was sort of over cast and pretty gross. I got my green gown and proceeded to be lined up with all the other grads. After organizing us, and reorganizing us we finally made our way to the Podium where the ceremony was taking place.

I waited the hours and a half in the rain (and boy did it rain!) to hear my name and it was wonderful. I watched my dad (aka. Bruce Willis) make his way to the front and get pictures of me with Roberta Bondar (first Canadian Women in Space!). It was a great feeling to be up there, far more strange than I thought.

2 hours in total passed and I am now an official Alum of Hippie U! yay!

Both of my parents went with my to this wonderful restaurant for lunch... so delicious. Ptown has some of the most wonderful food! Anyway, after that my dad needed to get back home so my mum and I drove back to campus because I wanted to see if I could see D.I (my old housemate) cross the stage! I got there just in time-- took some picture and went back into town!

Flash forward 4 hours and me, my mum, JB and her mum went to this tavern that we basically spent all of our time at. We walked in and John, the owner had been at commencement taking photos of us and then he printed them all and put them on the wall in the bar! It was so incredibly sweet! We met up with some friends and friends of friends (some things never change) and then went and got our second degree. We officially graduated from Piggy University. I'm thinking that one might be framed first :)

After that we went to this new restaurant in Ptown that me, DI and co. had planned on going during the school year but for some reason it never happened. We walked in and who was sitting there? I'm sure you could hear the squeal from where you are! I haven't seen him since we left last month and it was such a great (random) surprise! Dinner was delicious and we then (at 9am) had to make the 4 hours drive home. It was sad to say good-bye as JB lives in Africa, so it's not as easy to meet us as say, all my TO friends! It was heaps of fun and great to see everyone!

Tomorrow I head to TO for 2 Graduation parties with the C.C Family (official family of Hippie U)... should be amazing! Will update you on that come next week!--- sooo very excited!

and OH, how could I not mention this, I bought the CUTEST dress, and got a cute pink top for work! Love them!!

Yours in shoes, clothes and other pretty things,