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Champlain Family
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tasty Tasty Food...

I'm becoming a little more adventurous in my food making lately, as I have much more time to kill procrastinating all my work! Today, along with the help of my housemate M, I whipped up chili for dinner... it's the easiest recipe-- 2 cans of stewed tomatoes (the one that says 'for chili'), a can of kidney beans (drained), a can of tomato soup (this makes it a bit more creamy), beef, onions and I added some mushrooms to get a little more healthy! ... I tired it already and it is delicious! I can't wait for dinner!

Tomorrow I'm thinking of dusting off the crock pot (which hasn't seen much food lately) and making a bbq roast. I looked at a bunch of recipes and I think my best option is to carmalize onions and dump a bottle over the meat, put a bit of gingerale in(mum's trick) and let it cook while I'm at school. Apparently (according to a bunch of recipes) the meat will be perfect! Served on buns with a summer (oh la la) spinach and strawberry salad!! mmm...

I'm hoping these meals will last me a few days because I'm tired to making so many trips to the grocery store! My poor bank account can't take it anymore... plus I have loads of stuff in the freezer, I just haven't had time (ok, that's a lie.. I've been too lazy!) to make it! Being at home for Easter and enjoying REAL food has really put me off KD (ick) and crappy food! I need energy for the last few weeks of school!

Speaking of energy... I need to get my butt to the gym STAT! I've had a membership and have not be utilizing it at all this term! With the mass amount of chocolate I've been consuming as of late-- I really should be going today!! I think tomorrow morning (bright and early--7am) I will get my self to the gym for an hour! I think it will help me feel better ("energy begets energy", right?) ... Tomorrow. 7am. Gym. See you there!

Until the next time...