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Champlain Family
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Perez hearts Canadians

I came home from a long day of walking all over town yesterday to find a very awesome surprise on perezhilton.com. There it was...a photo of the large elephant, me, my friend KP and my little sister M&M featured on the side of the website... call me nerdy, but that was pretty cool.

I found out today that KP had e-mailed it in and Perez had picked it to feature in the "Canada hearts Perez" side bar! Cool, non?

Anyway, I screen captured it-- why not?

Ok, today was a short post but I must study for my one, only and final exam!!!

Yours in gossip,


Shop Girl* said...

AHAHA I love it.

I feel like I know someone famous.