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Champlain Family
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A crazy little thing called work...

On Monday I officially started my job as a Research Assistant at the Hospital. It's a drug study on the effects of a certain drug on kidneys... pretty cool! It's only a contract that goes until the beginning of September, but it's good, it's a job and I am making money. I did, however, in the process of getting/ starting this job forget how hard it was to wake at 6am when I'm still going to bed far later than I really should be! eek! Oh well, I must turn back into my nerdy self and start going to bed early (and reading loads of books!)

Unfortunately, I decided to write this at 10pm which is late (wow, I am old!!!) and I must get to sleep within the next 2 hours... but I wanted to let the world know I'm still here and will write soon.
Have hilarious/ awkward stories from the weekend past which I feel I must share!

Until then,