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Champlain Family

Champlain Family
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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Remember Myspace? I still really like it for many reasons. It's a lot different than Facebook which is way too personal--you need to know people to add them (or else it's 'creepy') and it requires way too much information. Myspace is all about adding random people, looking for new music, reading up on people's latest projects...

I think my favourite part is the blogs. Many celebrities use them to update the masses:

Since I just saw him-- Jack Johnson ... any chance to listen to him sing is good enough for me. Plus he has links to all the other artists on Brushfire Records!

Check out DJ AM ...he posts new music all the time!

Even Tom Hanks has one (which you can check here) where he enlightening you on his summer readings...

Chances are your favorite artist, actor, activists, political etc. has one! So in the height of Facebook, don't forgot about the wonders of Myspace.