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Champlain Family
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little more Drama!

After a little break from posting, I'm back with a vengeance! and ready to discuss many of our favourite cultural icons!

Let's begin with television teenage drama....

I can't believe I haven't written about 1. Gossip Girl and 2. 90210 this season!


Have you seen Gossip Girl? Without ruining anything for those who are not caught up-- omfg. the bus scene. Hot, or what? and I think the outfits are just getting better and better! I must admit I am a little jealous of their couture clothing!!!

90210. A little less drama filled than I was hoping for-- cheating dad (with mum's that don't care), nice cars, big houses, cool kids friends with the geek... what is this The O.C? Or is it 90210 imitating The O.C. that was imitating 90210, Beverly Hills (the original) or is it... eeek, my head in spinning! I kid, I kid. I still love it! Are you feeling the show? I have a feeling it might be dunzo after a year unless something changes, but for now, I'll keep watching! 

If you haven't seen the preview, check it out here

Did you look like that at 15? haha