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Champlain Family
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I can barely believe that it's a) October already and b) Homecoming! This year I have the luxury of knowing I DON'T HAVE TO WORK IT! As much fun as it is serving 4000 of my drunk classmates, I'd much rather be in the crowd!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again (and debuting my NEW PURSE!)


The Adventurer said...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO sad that I'm missing it this year. It's actually making my heart cry. This is the first year I've missed it in all of my years! NOT GOOD!

Also. I'm a little HAPPY that I recognize MULTIPLE people from that random crowd photo. Makes my heart happy..lmfao! Our school is WAY too small...LOL! I was in Venice last weekend and met someone who knows people I know/know of who go there..because they went to an international school with them in europe..small freakin' world.

And can I just say..on behalf of the 4000 drunken classmates (of which, I may have been the most drunk, more year than one..hahahaha) thanks for making the day so memorable that I remember nothing!

Have a beer or three for me! I'm so sad I'm missing it!

Steph said...

Oh HOTT! Have fun Steph!