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Champlain Family
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Colour

I pretend to be daring when it comes to my hair, but last summer I got blunt bangs and cried because I thought they were "too short". I'm a sissy, I know! This summer I wanted some blond highlights. I've had them before... I got them in November before I went to Australia so I didn't look like I came out of the Northern-ly Canadaland (I still did.. my pale skin and all!) but it was a nice look for the beach! Unfortunately for me, my bank account doesn't enable me to spend $70-$90 on highlights at the salon, so I decided to get the home kit (which was on sale for $4 at the drug store). I suspect I should have been scared about the price, but oh well! So last night I got my friend Che to do it and it looks great! Subtle and what I wanted!

Next step: Hair cut... what do I get done?