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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Place to Get Your Horoscope

MIX 106.5 is a radio station out of Sydney, Australia... they have the BEST Horoscopes AND they do Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!

Check them out HERE and report back... are yours as accurate as mine???


Lilac Dreamer said...

I am a total horoscope junkie..even if it's just for fun..I always read mine.

And while reading these ones..I had a creepy sense of deja vu..and was like..I FEEL like I've heard this before.

So I kept reading..and was like..I HAVE heard this before..I KNOW I have...so I went to my inbox, and looked at the email with my 'today's' horoscope from astrology.com....and it was the same as TOMORROWS horoscope for me in australia..like..word..for word..ahaha

Now here is MY question.

If that's my horoscope for today in north america, and tomorrow in australia..

Wouldn't it ACTUALLY be my horoscope for yesterday AND the day after tomorrow?

Oh I've just hurt my brain thinking.

Time differences and horoscopes are not my friend...that's todays conclusion.

Shop Girl* said...


I'm not convinced. It sort of kind of connects to what's going on, but not completely.

I'll check again. Because now I'm curious. haha