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Champlain Family
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Opps.. I didn't do it

It's a well known fact that I despise my laptop. It's stupid, and if I wasn't afraid of being without the Internet, it would have been on the cement a long time ago!

Yesterday, it broke. Well one of the buttons broke, but I am considering it dead! That means time for a newwww one! My much loved MACBOOK is closer that I thought. YAY! Must start saving for that...

wish me luck!


Shop Girl* said...

You should buy an IBM.

Not as pretty as a Macbook, but it's a TANK. Which I need. Because I break EVERYTHING. haha

It even survived the time I spilled orange juice all inside it.

I would like a Macbook... but I think I'd break it in like... a day. haha