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Champlain Family
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You've Got Mail!

My friend J informed me that I have been slacking on SCandOPT and that I need to start posting again! She was totally right, and today is the perfect day to post again.

This is what you have been missing:

1. Homecoming is in one week! Where did September go? I think it was the beginning of summer, then I blinked and it's nearly October-- it's like a big blur of weekend (except I've been working during that time...)! Back to homecoming for one moment-- I'm super excited about the beer gardens and seeing loads of people I haven't seen for ages!! YAY!

2. The count down the Australia has begun-- I had the days, but I forget now! A few months anyway, but still exciting! and I have a few Oz vacation destinations to visit too! YAY!

3. I have met a great group of friends through a Uni friend. Last weekend was great, Fri was fun and Sat we went to see live music! (ohhh la la-- you best ask about this!) and we definitely need to go see them again!!! I miss weekends like that, makes me think of school and many nights at the Pig!

4. My Fashion Finds---

This weekend was AMAZING for great fashion finds. It started with finding a James Perse dress for $6-- and $84 dress for $6. Yes, please! Its super cute, summery, a slate/ greenish colour perfect for hot (Australia) summer days! annnd on top of that, it can be worn with boots for a more fall look! Love it!

Then, last weekend I tired on a super cute plain hoody in purple at the mall. It was $40. I should have bought it, but I didn't... then this weekend I went back and got it! The last one left. Ah ha. It was meant to be. Who doesn't love a new comfy hoody? (That was a silly question, EVERYONE loves a new comfy hoody!!)

THEN I found a FENDI bag. It was unmarked (price wise) but I couldn't stop looking at it. I found this consignment shop just outside of town (its the kind of shop where people who can afford fendi bags drop off stuff) Who doesn't love that? Anyway, the bag needs a little love (nothing a little buffing couldn't get rid of) and it's perfect. Tons of room, the Fendi "F's". Real. SOLD! Ahhh... my first real Fendi (breathe, must breathe)

5. I managed to watch You've Got Mail twice! I love that movie for several reasons, including but not limited to: it's divine location of Manhattan, my love of books and jealously of the Little Shop Around the Corner, the love connection strengthened though AOL mail, the old school Macbook, the fact my computer has never once told me "You've Got Mail"... oh the list goes on and on... it's just so cute. It's like the warm feeling that the movie Love Actually gives you... ahhh....

So all in all a good past few weeks!! --- Have you been up to anything fun lately???


Shop Girl* said...

AH! That is my most favourite movie ever. Tom Hanks is my man. ahaha

See you at homecoming!

j e n n a ! * said...

thanks for the update steffi! love it!! are you headed up to pbro for homecoming?? i've started blogging as well i've been inspired by you and my german friend! i feel like you can maybe get to it through my name but if not i'll send you the link on facebook! basically i'm highlight all the reasons i can find to be cheerful..i hope you like it! its still a work in progress for some things but i think it will get there! muah!

p.s. i realllly want to watch love actually now that you mentioned it!