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Champlain Family
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Who knew shoes could be so difficult!

I spent Sunday on the search for the perfect pair of shoes that would go with everything I own. Glorious beige-y tan heels (similar to the ones above) that I could wear with all colours or neutrals without taking attention away from the outfit. You know what I found? One (ONE!) pair of GORGEOUS heels that were like 3 inches high. Everything I was looking for in a shoes, except for the fact they made me super tall, and I'm not sure I could spend over 8 hours a day standing in them without toppling over. Other than those, I found nothing. Not a single other pair that I liked. I would usually say, "can you believe that?" but in this case. I can! I am sooo picky about shoes... but I can't help it!

Now here's my question for you: have you found my work approporiate (closed toe) beige heels??

* For anyone who has $700+ just laying around and wants to buy me a gift.. may I suggest these:

A girl can wish... :)


Shop Girl* said...

Ugggggh... I have been searching for neutral / nude / beige shoes forevvvvver. If you find a decent pair somewhere please let me know!!

TwentySomethingToronto said...


Is there an email I can contact you at with questions? I can be reached at nora@matchstick.ca